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Harsco Environmental Continues to Grow

Harsco Environmental (HE), a division of Enviri Corporation, posted solid financial results for 2023, with revenues exceeding $ 1 billion, a seven percent increase in adjusted EBITDA, and margins over 18 percent despite lower steel volumes.  

Harsco Environmental has been a global leader in the steel industry for more than 70 years. Its sustainable solutions have led to higher service and volume levels globally and to capitalize on growth contracts. For example: 

  1. HE won 22 of 23 contracts last year.  
  2. HE secured five growth contracts, including a return to one of the flagship steel mills in the Middle East: ESI in Abu Dhabi.  
  3. HE’s start-ups in India and Turkey are progressing well, and  
  4. Its expansion worldwide continues – it is beginning work on a new steel mill in Algeria and preparing to open SteelPhalt’s first plant outside of the UK.   

Time and time again, customers who want the best provider of environmental solutions and innovative products choose Harsco Environmental, which shows in the earnings results.