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High Performance Asphalt Surface & Roadmaking Products

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What we deliver

  • High skid resistance

  • Better durability

  • Superior resistance to rutting

  • High Performance Asphalt & Roadmaking Products

    SteelFlow logo - Asphalt


    Road surfacing that only needs to be laid 15mm thick.

    SteelStop Asphalt logo


    High friction surfacing for hazardous pedestrian crossings, roundabouts, intersections and rural roads.

    Steelsurf Asphalt logo


    For heavy-duty industrial applications and designed to resist deformation caused by heavy loading of specialized vehicles.

    SteelPave Asphalt logo


    High-performance asphalt surfacing designed to meet the demands of modern traffic conditions.

    Ultragrip Asphalt logo


    Road surfacing that only needs to be laid 25mm thick that is safe and economical.

    ColdBit Asphalt logo


    A recycled base course that can be used in a variety of ways. It does not become unusable when cold, therefore all the material is utilized, with no waste generated.

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