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Maximize Metal Recovery from Steel Slag

resource recovery services technicians
What We Deliver

  • Maximize metal recovery

  • Create additional revenue streams

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Resource Recovery

    Recovering valuable metal and transforming non-metallic by-products into ecoproducts™.

    Wet Milling

    Recover metal from EAF and Stainless Slag through the wet milling process.

    Sludge De-Watering

    Reducing the water content from sludges by means of plate, tube and belt presses or by evaporation.

    Oily Millscale Processing

    Removing and processing millscale from the casters and roll mills into a briquetted product for reuse.


    Agglomerating metallic-bearing by-products, including dust, sludges and millscale.

    Scrap Turnings Briquetting

    Processing low-quality metal scrap into briquettes of high-quality steel scrap.


    Agglomerating micro-sized steel mill by-products into small pellets to feed into sinter plants.


    Process used to recover ferroalloys (FeCr, FeMn, SiMn, FeSi) from historical ferroalloy slag dumps.

    Metal Recovery

    Recovering trapped metal from crushed slag, ensuring the materials can be reused in the steelmaking process.

    Making a world of difference™



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