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Meltshop services include maintenance, repairs, and upgrades

Harsco Environmental technicians on site

  • Specialist skills

  • Flexible workforce

  • Efficient production

  • Meltshop and Furnace Services

    A portfolio of solutions to cater to your needs.

    Iron Ponding

    Transporting, environmentally controlled tipping and cooling surplus molten iron for processing.

    Refractory Services

    Repairs to the refractory lining of ladles, tundish, slag runners and launders.

    Ladle Wrecking

    Cleaning and removing used refractory left in the ladle to exact requirements.

    Industrial Cleaning

    Ensuring areas where steel is produced are free of dirt, dust and debris.

    Blast Furnace Services

    Runner maintenance and cleaning to remove surplus molten metal from the casting floor.

    Ladle Carrying

    Comprehensive and safe transport solutions for carrying molten metal to the caster.

    Under Furnace Digging

    Removing build-up under the furnace to ensure uptime and maximize production.

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    United Kingdom

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