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Environmentally-controlled solutions for Slag Management.

Harsco Environmental slag management technicians
What We Deliver

  • Optimize service cost

  • Reduce environmental impact

  • Return value to our customers

  • Slag Management

    Our slag management capability includes an innovative array of tailored services.

    Pit Digging

    Enabling further slag processing by excavating, removing and transporting slag from lagoons.

    Pot Carrying & Tipping

    For safer cooling, we transport molten slag between the furnace and slag pits.

    Slag Pot Management

    ​​​​Reducing on-site costs by optimizing slag pot life.

    Slag Pot Repair

    Ensuring slag pots are kept in optimum conditions through essential maintenance and repairs.

    Controlled Slag Management

    Cooling slag safely in an environmentally friendly manner.

    Screening & Crushing

    Enhanced screening technology to process raw materials and aggregates in specific sizes and granulometry.

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