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Eco-Friendly Additives to Improve Your Metal Quality

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What we deliver

  • Improved meltshop productivity

  • Improved product quality

  • Tailored solutions based on furnace chemistry

  • Our Range of Additives

    ladle desulphuriser metallurgical additives


    Custom-designed, lime-based desulfurizers for steel refining in the ladle engineered to provide cost effective desulphurization during and after furnace tapping.

    slag conditioner metallurgical additives

    Slag Conditioner

    Aluminum and silicon-based ladle slag conditioners/deoxidizers designed for rapid assimilation into the entire ladle slag volume.

    calcium aluminate metallurgical additives

    Calcium Aluminate

    Engineered for a cost-effective approach to fluorspar-free ladle slag fluxing.

    Making a world of difference™



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