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Steel Product Management and Raw Material Handling

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What We Deliver

  • Real-time logistical analysis

  • Reliability-centered maintenance (RCM)

  • Best-in-class safety

  • Materials Handling and Logistics

    We utilize our bespoke assets, based on our best practices, to move materials safely and efficiently.

    Slab Management

    Management, optimization, and storage assignment of cold charge steel slabs.

    Scarfing & Grinding

    Inspecting slabs, booms, and billets for surface defects, removing any flaws by hand or machine scarfing and grinding.

    Marking & Tracking

    Identifying and tracking finished and semi-finished products across your site efficiently and consistently.

    Packaging & Logistics

    Comprising wrapping, bundling and labeling for dispatch and delivery.

    Raw Material Handling

    Managing raw materials including iron ore, coal, coke and fluxes, ensuring the smooth running of your site.

    Conveyor Belt Maintenance

    Maintenance services across all on-site conveyors by our highly experienced and flexible teams.

    Loading & Unloading

    Loading and unloading bulk materials and finishes.

    Cutting & Slitting

    Slitting or cutting slabs, blooms and billets to the correct dimensions for rolling.

    Steel Product Logistics

    Improving operational productivity through efficient and automated logistics.

    Making a world of difference™



    Carlton House, Regent Park
    299 Kingston Road
    Surrey KT22 7SG
    United Kingdom

    Tel: 44 (0) 1372 381400


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