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Effectively Managing Your Scrap To Support A Smooth Operation

scrap management technician
What We Deliver

  • Scrap segregation

  • On-time delivery

  • Accurate charge preparation

  • ScrapMaster®

    Slag yard management system.

    Harsco Environmental's ScrapMaster® program is used for scrap management services including inbound scrap handling and inspection, basket preparation and hauling, and delivery route maintenance. 

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    Scrap Management

    Performing all aspects of scrap management and inventory tracking.

    Baling & Shearing

    Creating higher density material by shearing and compressing scrap materials.

    Scrap Upgrading

    Increasing the metallic content of recovered scrap for re-melting.

    Internal Scrap Collection

    Collecting internally produced scrap for segregation.

    Plasma Cutting

    Chemically reducing, melting and recovering metals from steel mill flue dust.

    Gas Cutting & Lancing

    Using fuel gases and oxygen to cut scrap of all profiles to required dimensions for processing.

    Coolant Scrap Production

    Molding scrap into a spherical shape into specific sizes to enhance the efficiency of machinery and conveyor belts.

    Scrap Handling

    ​​​​Ensuring your operation runs smoothly by managing all aspects of scrap handling and inventory tracking.

    Scrap Breaking

    Reclaiming larger pieces of scrap, including ladle and tundish skulls and scap billets.

    Shredding Services

    Upgrading scrap density through shredding and grouping to improve cleanliness and purity.

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