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High-Quality Refractories for Sustainable and Efficient Operations

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What we deliver

  • Cost savings

  • Local availability

  • Reduced carbon footprint

  • Our Refractory portfolio

    A cost-effective alternative to primary raw material

    Chamotte refractories


    Chamotte bricks from steel, cement and lime industries used in refractory concrete and gunning mixes for the steel industry.

    Mullite refractories


    Fried andalusite bricks, sourced from the steel industry, used in the production of new bricks and refractory concrete.

    Mac 90 refractories

    Mac 90

    Magnesia carbon bricks used in the production of new bricks and gunning and ramming mixes for the converter, EAF and ladle.

    Mag 85 refractories

    Mag 85

    Magnesia spinel bricks sourced from the steel, cement and lime industries for use in gunning mixes.

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