Slag Management
Slag Management

Innovative product solutions, including environmentally controlled slag management

A valuable resource that can be converted into economically and ecologically beneficial products, slag occurs in nearly all metallurgical processes.

At Harsco Environmental, our slag management capability includes an innovative array of tailored services. Designed to embrace the entire production process, our solutions manage all elements of risk and recovery.

Thanks to our wealth of expertise, we can optimize service cost and reduce the environmental impact for our customers, globally.

Where required, we take control of the liquid slag direct from the furnace area, safely transporting it to other on-site areas, where it is poured into confined pits, cooled, treated and conditioned.  

Transforming slag into innovative second-use products, we work hard to reduce or eliminate the mass of material that is sent to landfill. In addition, on-site processing uses less energy and results in lower carbon emissions for you.

Slag Pot Carrying/Tipping

For safer cooling, we transport molten slag between the furnace and slag pits.

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Slag Pot Repairs

We ensure slag pots are kept in optimum condition, thanks to essential maintenance and repairs.

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Slag Pot Management

By optimizing slag pot life, we can cut your costs and help you recycle more efficiently.

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Controlled Slag Cooling

Cooling slag safely, ours is an environmentally conscious process that will boost your operations.

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Slag Pit Digging

or further processing later, we excavate, remove and transport slag from lagoons.

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