Scrap Management
Scrap Management

Choose Harsco Environmental for efficient scrap yard management, swift delivery and accurate scrap segregation

Performing all aspects of scrap handling and inventory tracking – including effectively managing and running your scrap yard – we’ll mix and deliver furnace scrap charge. Choose us for internal scrap collection and processing, too. Meanwhile, our bespoke scrap handling and transport systems guarantee on-time delivery, while accurate charge preparation adheres to the scrap charge recipe, thanks to our proprietary software, ScrapMaster™. 

Segregating scrap by quality and size and accurately identifying deleterious and dangerous material – such as non-ferrous materials, closed containers, unexploded munitions and radioactive material - our scrap handling system is designed with your business in mind.

You can be sure our equipment maintenance and operating standards have been developed over many years of global scrap handling experience, too.

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