Baling & Shearing
Baling & Shearing

Our innovative mobile solutions reduce yield loss and lower your environmental footprint

Increasing the density of lighter scrap into manageable blocks for improved handling, transportation and denser charges into melting furnaces, the baling process ensures optimal efficiency all round.

For scrap that is too large to be melted within a furnace, shearing/mechanical cutting can be undertaken to reduce its size. Providing a raft of benefits as opposed to traditional methods of gas and oxy-cutting, it reduces the yield loss of scrap and improves safety.

Choose baling and shearing solutions and steel waste streams generated on-site can be recycled quickly and efficiently. Our system allows for shearing equipment to be moved to where the scrap is located, too, as opposed to simply moving the scrap to the shearing zone. This reduces transportation costs and carbon emissions, while shearing of steel waste lowers fumes and dust and can equate to a smaller operating footprint.

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