Metal Recovery and Crushing Plants
Metal Recovery and Crushing Plants

Designed to recover trapped metal from crushed slag, our custom-designed metal recovery (MR) plants ensure you can reuse materials in the steelmaking process.

Custom-designed for each application, our slag processing plants keeps the maximum environmental impact in mind.

At our Metal Recovery Plant, a crushing and magnetic separation process is used to recover the metal contained in iron and steelmaking slag. This can then be effectively reused in the steelmaking process.

Crushing and sizing the demetallized slag generates specific size fractions for marketing as aggregates, too – and Harsco Environmental has a long history of innovating within the MRP refining process and component design space.

Our in-house software, BloodHound™, is a unique system that detects Fe (iron) in demetallized slag. Ensuring the highest Fe recovery rates in the market, we combine this technology with on-site laboratories to ensure maximum recovery of Fe units for you.

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