Resource Recovery
Resource Recovery

Thanks to efficient by-products’ processing and conditioning, we transform and optimize its recycling capabilities

An invaluable Harsco Environmental service, resource recovery makes a significant environmental impact.

Recovering valuable metal, we transform the non-metallic by-product into eco-products that create new and additional revenue streams for you. By way of various smelting processes, we then return the recovered metal in a form suitable for recycling.

The non-metallic by-products are processed and conditioned to optimize their suitability for secondary use, and by recycling the recovered metal, we reduce carbon emissions as a result of steel production. We also significantly lessen the carbon footprint on the sites from which we work.

More than that, though; our services provide environmental benefits by reducing the unnecessary quarrying of raw materials and reducing – or eliminating – the disposal of by-products into landfill.

Metal Recovery and Crushing Plants

Our custom-designed metal recovery (MR) plants are used to recover trapped metal from crushed slag.

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Oily Mill Scale Processing

Ensuring the safe removal and processing of millscale from the casters and rolling mills.

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We agglomerate various steel mill by-product fines into briquettes.  

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Agglomerating micro-sized steel mill by-products into small pellets to feed into sinter plants.

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Metallic Upgrading

The process of increasing the metallic content of recovered scrap for re-melting.

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Our efficient material segregation process is suitable for various slag types.

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Plasma Smelting

Utilising innovative technology, we chemically reduce, melt and recover metals from steel mill flue dust.

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Wet Milling Mr Plant

For optimal recycling capabilities, we recover metal from slag through a wet milling process.  

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Sludge De-Watering

The de-watering and processing of material recovered from sludge lagoons.

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