Synthetic Slag
Synthetic Slag

Delivering effective ladle metallurgy treatment through our line of calcium aluminate, calcium silicate and calcium fluoride-based Synthetic Slag products

Each product is chemically engineered to rapidly form a highly basic and fluid slag that absorbs impurities such as sulfur and products of steel deoxidation. This ladle refining treatment helps create a steel product with low inclusion levels and, within specification, to maximize castability, productivity and product quality. Our Synthetic Slags are produced with an engineered balance of premelted fluxes to increase the lime/slag melting rate and control the final slag fluidity. They are also custom formulated with supplemental magnesia to extend ladle slagline refractory life.

We provide hands on technical support, with complete ladle practise analysis and our experienced steel industry personnel work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s representatives. In addition, we offer custom product design, based on existing parameters, such as furnace slag chemistry, slag carryover, alloys used and end point slag chemistry targets.

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