Slag Conditioner
Slag Conditioner

Aluminum and silicon-based Ladle Slag Conditioners/Deoxidizers designed for rapid assimilation into the entire ladle slag volume

This facilitates a complete reaction with the carryover furnace slag to effectively reduce the FeO (Iron Oxide) and MnO (Manganese Oxide) contents of the slag in the ladle. This effective slag deoxidation process improves alloy recoveries and increases desulfurization efficiency, while also providing protection to the ladle slagline. Our custom-designed products are available with specific levels of metallic aluminum or silicon to lower the oxidation potential of the ladle slag. This decreases alloy fade and minimizes caster clogging and quality downgrades, resulting in a cost effective and efficient ladle refining process. We provide hands-on technical support with complete ladle practice analysis, and our experienced steel industry personnel work in conjunction with the manufacturer’s representatives. We also offer custom product design, based on existing parameters, such as furnace slag chemistry, slag carryover, alloys used and end point slag chemistry targets.

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