Custom-designed, lime-based desulphurizers for steel refining in the ladle are engineered to provide cost effective desulfurization during and after furnace tapping

We achieve this by the immediate production of a molten slag with an increased desulfurization potential. The rapid fluidization of the entire ladle slag increases the absorption of sulfur and non-metallic inclusions throughout each stage of ladle refining. These products are available with specified levels of metallic aluminium or silicon to improve the efficiency of the desulfurizing process. This allows the specified sulfur levels to be reached within the time required. Premelted MgO (Magnesium Oxide) is also provided to generate rapid and ongoing refractory protection.

We provide technical support with complete ladle practice analysis utilizing our in-house metallurgical engineering staff. In addition, we offer custom product design, based on existing parameters, such as furnace slag chemistry, slag carryover, alloys used and end point slag chemistry targets.

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