Steelmaking Metallurgical Additives
Steelmaking Metallurgical Additives

Designing bespoke steelmaking additives to improve productivity and final product quality

Our ladle refining products are engineered for clean steelmaking practices in high-productivity steel shops. These custom designed additives quickly generate a fluid ladle slag to improve shop productivity and final product quality. The generation of a liquid ladle slag with high CaO (Calcium Oxide) and low FeO (Iron Oxide) contents increases the absorption capacity of both oxide inclusions and sulfur. This is necessary to achieve the steel product specifications required for today’s applications.

We configure the exact characteristics of the product to suit the needs of individual customers. Using a mass balance analysis, we analyze a slag sample to determine the furnace chemistry. We compare this with the slag chemistry and typical carryover slag amounts required to create a custom metallurgical treatment product for each steel grade family.


Custom-designed, lime-based desulfurizers for steel refining in the ladle are engineered to provide cost effective desulphurization during and after furnace tapping.

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Slag Conditioner

Aluminum and silicon-based Ladle Slag Conditioners/Deoxidizers designed for rapid assimilation into the entire ladle slag volume.

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Calcium Aluminate

Engineered for a cost-effective approach to fluorspar-free ladle slag fluxing.

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Synthetic Slag

Delivering effective ladle metallurgy treatment through our line of calcium aluminate, calcium silicate and calcium fluoride-based Synthetic Slag products.

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