Abrasives & Roofing
Abrasives & Roofing

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Abrasive blasting, also known as grit blasting or sandblasting, utilizes blast equipment to propel a wide range of blasting media and grits including coal slag, copper slag, crushed glass,aluminum oxide, steel grit and garnet. Abrasive blasting has been in use for over a century. A variety of blasting methods are employed by industries worldwide to remove paint & debris, prepare surfaces for paint & coatings and to strengthen metal surfaces and adhesion.

An asphalt shingle is a type of roof shingle that is the dominant roofing option in North America although they are found on roofs in a number of countries around the world. The primary components of an asphalt shingle include a fiberglass mat, asphalt which is the primary component for water resistance, sealants and the granules consisting primarily of quarried rock and slag-based media. Harsco Environmental is the largest coal slag provider and 3rd largest granule supplier to the North American shingle manufacturing market.

Black Beauty

BLACK BEAUTY® coal slag abrasive, the number one in the outdoor air blast abrasive industry for over 80 years

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Black Beauty Glass

Abrasives are a high quality, chemically inert and environmentally friendly product.

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Black Beauty Iron

Cuts quickly and achieves increased production rates due to its physical properties.

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