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High-performing blasting abrasives and premium quality roofing granules.

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What we deliver

  • High-quality products

  • Sustainable alternative to traditional materials

  • National supply infrastructure

  • Black Beauty Abrasives

    black beauty

    Black Beauty

    Black Beauty® coal slag abrasive, the number one in the outdoor air blast abrasive industry for over 80 years.

    black beauty glass

    Black Beauty Glass

    Abrasives are a high quality, chemically inert and environmentally friendly product.


    Black Beauty Iron

    Cuts quickly and achieves increased production rates due to its physical properties.

    Sure/Cut Abrasives

    sure cut velocity

    Sure/Cut Velocity

    Enhanced calcium-iron silicate abrasive material, providing superior cleaning rate, consumption rate and quality of the finished product.

    sure cut edge

    Sure/Cut Edge

    Enhanced nickel abrasive material, featuring lower consumption rates and dust generation, and low heavy metal and crystalline silica content.

    Making a world of difference™



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