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CO2 Performance Ladder

The CO2 performance ladder was developed in 2009 in the Netherlands by the Dutch government task organisation, Prorail. The ladder is an instrument that helps organizations reduce their carbon dioxide emissions, thereby reducing operational costs and enhancing innovation. Harsco Environmental Holland will utilise the ladder as an instrument to reduce CO2 emissions.

The ladder is divided into four separate parts:

  • Insight: The organisation is aware of the different energy streams used within the company and from this understanding determines the carbon footprint.

  • Reduction: Ambitious reduction goals are developed and drawn into an energy action plan.

  • Transparency: The organization communicates to internal and external stakeholders on their CO2 policies.

  • Participation: The organization participates in a sector initiative to share ideas with other organizations to reduce CO2 emissions.

By attaining the performance ladder certification, Harsco Environmental Holland emphasizes the importance of reducing CO2 emissions and confirm our commitment to be a sustainable partner and employer who encourages innovation within the organization. Harsco Environmental Holland endeavours to be certified for the ladder by the end of 2018.

For more information of the CO2 performance ladder and for additional published documents, please visit the website of SKAO -