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Eco-Products for Scrap Management & Metal Recovery


When you need the best in service solutions, put us on the front line.

Slag Management

Providing an array of tailored services that are designed to embrace the entire production process and manage all elements of risk and recovery.

Scrap Management Services

Effectively handling all aspects of scrap handling and inventory tracking.

Resource Recovery Services

Creating new revenue streams by recovering valuable metal by-products and transforming them into ecoproductsTM.

Meltshop & Furnace Services

Providing the essential interface ensuring that the molten metal production process runs smoothly.

Materials Handling & Logistics

Utilizing bespoke assets based on best practices to move materials safely and efficiently.
Harsco Environmental bulldozer equipment on site
Our Difference

Where most see waste, we see unimagined value.

How We Do What We Do

  • Reduce
  • Recycle
  • Reimagine

Reducing atmospheric pollution to keep you more environmentally compliant. Recycling materials to make your mill more efficient. Reimaging solutions to transform your by-products into ecoproducts™.

Harsco Environmental Technicians on site
Our Ecoproducts™

A combination of value, performance and sustainability.


Metallurgical Additives

Construction Aggregate




Abrasives & Roofing

We're proud to be recognized by our peers

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Carlton House, Regent Park
299 Kingston Road
Surrey KT22 7SG
United Kingdom

Tel: 44 (0) 1372 381400


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