Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2020
Waste & Recycling Workers Week 2020

For Waste & Recycling Workers Week, we spoke to Johnathan Dobbs about his experience of working for Harsco Environmental.

Johnathan Dobbs

How long have you worked for Harsco? 
I have worked for Harsco for six years and I have held my current position for four years.

What is your job? 
I am Production Leadman at site 75, Arkansas Steel Association (ASA), Newport Arkansas.

What does that entail? 
I ensure our contractual duties are met, always making sure our customer is priority. I help and keep our employees safe and meet production goals. Assist site management with planning, scheduling and managing employees time effectively and efficiently. Generate ideas and implement changes for constant improvement. Ensure employees follow Harsco rules, regulations, policies, and procedures.

What is an average day like in your role?
Daily interaction with customers, site management and employees. I participate in daily toolbox talks to make sure employees are safe. 

What/Where did you study? 
I enlisted in the Army in the infantry and served for eleven years. I was deployed into Iraq and served one tour. When I returned from overseas, I was chosen with an elite group of individuals that was assigned to prepare and train the new soldiers going overseas. I completed various leadership courses and training in the service.  This helped me become the man I am today.

How important do you feel the change to Harsco Environmental was? 
The change to Harsco Environmental was a monumental move. This proved that Harsco is a great steward for our environment. It’s impressive to know that Harsco cares for the next generation, so my children and grandchildren can enjoy what we enjoy today.

What is your best memory of working at Harsco? 
For me, having the opportunity to fly into Seven Fields and complete the Harsco Leadership Advantage class. Also, being able to spend time with my colleagues having dinner looking over the lights of Pittsburgh.