The Falcon: Lowering Costs and Expediting Projects with Mobile MRPs

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Jay Cooney
Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

For steel mill customers, fixed plants on-site often require a long lead time and may not be the most economical option. Here’s one innovative solution Harsco has introduced


For steel mill customers, there is often a long lead time between signing a contract and implementing a fixed plant on site. The lengthy process includes designing the plant, conducting ground tests for foundation design, excavation and pouring, fabricating steelwork, ordering and installing equipment and commissioning the project. While all these pieces are moving, customers are sometimes keen to get their projects started before the fixed material requirements planning (MRPs) are up and running.

These fixed MRPs generally require a large amount of civil work with little or no return on capital, and can create issues if the site needs to be relocated at the end of the contract term, as the materials would need to be left in the ground. Further, Harsco cant invoice for metal recovery until the plant is operational, creating a delay in revenue generation.

As such, fixed MRPs are not appropriate or economical for all locations, particularly those with limited quantities of slag or small dumps that rely on materials being transported to the site.


Harsco introduced the Falcon to the market in Turkey in February 2018 a mobile MRP that can be deployed quickly, reducing the time in which the work can start from approximately five months to thirteen weeks plus transportation. There are currently two Falcons created, both currently in Turkey, but they can be deployed to any site globally.

The benefits of a mobile MRP are numerous: there are no civil requirements, no installation time, no capital investment and no infrastructure left in the ground after a contract ends. Falcons are flexible depending on the location and can fit into small areas as needed. They are also ideal for processing dumps because they can move materials in real time as they are processed.

Additionally, they are duel powered electric or diesel, so they can be deployed in remote locations dependent on energy sources at the site

The Falcon forms the core of the MRP with other modules linking to its hub to perform functionalities such as screening or crushing. It can accommodate various modular components, making it flexible operationally and in its ability to produce a variety of products.


  • A small fixed MRP costs approximately $1M, while the Falcon costs half this amount
  • In 13 months Falcon in Turkey has processed 1,004,468 tons
  • Capable of continuous throughput of 290 tons per hour average
  • Operating costs are reduced. 
  • Value for Harsco – the asset stays with the company and can be deployed to sites as needed. 
  • Harsco can begin generating revenue earlier in contract cycles.


Thanks to Harsco’s innovative approach, we can offer a flexible solution to our steel mill customers who want to start their projects sooner and process their slag dumps in a more cost effectively manner.  

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