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The Falcon: Lowering Costs and Expediting Projects with Mobile MRPs

For steel mill customers, fixed plants on-site often require a long lead time and may not be the most economical option.

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Plasma Furnaces: Enabling Steelmakers to Properly Dispose of Dust Streams

Production of stainless steel presents challenges to clients including high disposal costs, loss of valuable elements and landfill shortages that may require operational shutdowns.

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Leveraging Micro-Pelletizing and Briquetting to Recover Value

New techniques enable a steel plant in India to recover hundreds of thousands of tonnes of steel making materials that would have otherwise been headed to the landfill.

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SteelSurf: Reducing Traffic Accidents and Making Roundabouts Safer

Heavy goods vehicles were contributing to accidents and the deterioration of asphalt until Harsco developed a proprietary mixture to serve as a durable, anti-skid solution.

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